1 is called encroachment- where the demon selects the individual to invite it in

                             2 infestation when it isolates the target

                             3 oppression- person becomes very violent

                             4 is possession - where the person looses total control of there selves

                             5 death                                                          

A demon is any entity which is not of the light. Usually this means the entity is influencing those around him in a negative way. A demon does NOT have to look like a big scary monster with horns and a tail! Many demons may be small, some may be large, most cannot be seen at all. Yet their affect and influence are very real.

In the movies we see scenes of demons attacking humans, throwing them through the air with the powers of their mind, causing crosses to turn upside-down, causing possessed people to experience various phenomena Some examples of movies which show these very extreme effects include The Exorcist series and Constantine. These phenomena are real and have been documented in many cases of exorcism.

However, in actual fact most demonic attack is far more subtle! Think of it this way: why would a demon spend all their energy to throw you off a building when instead they can infiltrate your mind, causing you to feel depressed and causing you to think you are worthless so that YOU throw yourself off the building all by yourself! This is truly the way of demons.

Many symptoms of demonic attack look a lot like psychological illness, and in fact it can be challenging to differentiate between psychological illness and outside influence, i.e. attack.

Here are some examples of demonic attack or demonic influence. If you experience any of these, please contact us for further consultation.

* Thinking thoughts which are not like you or which seem to come from somewhere else  or which come out of the blue.
* Sudden depression. Sometimes the depression is severe, sometimes it is very subtle.
* Feeling like suicide, like life is not worth living or wondering why you are here.
* Having severe arguments with your spouse or friends.
* Feeling like someone or something else is controlling you. You may feel controlled all the time or only some of the time.
* Feeling like someone or something is pressuring you to do certain acts.
* Hearing one or multiple voices in your head that are negative, persuasive, or commanding you to do something. For example, hearing a voice persuade you that a certain friend should be avoided, or asking you to let them in  to your life in some way.
* Deep personality changes. For example, someone stays at home all the time when they used to be very gregarious.
* Creepy feelings.
* An area of your house or your neighborhood which feels negative or oppressive.
* Any kind of phenomena. For example, scratching sounds, things falling off walls or shelves, religious or spiritual items being moved or changed.
* Feeling attacked when others do not see or experience anything. Sometimes this feeling of being attacked may come with physical pain that is medically inexplicable. Usually it will come with psychological pain of some sort - terror or anguish for example.
* An aversion to prayer or an inability to pray.
* Feelings of hopelessness.
* Being unable to stand any contact with religious or spiritual items. For example, sudden strong aversion to going into a church or temple, aversion to being touched by a crucifix, and so on.

These are just examples  there are many other possibilities.

When we think of possession, we often think of possession of people such as in the movie The Exorcist. There is much more to possession than this.
Areas (Land, Buildings)

It is quite common for demons to infest an area, such as a building or some land. When this occurs, there may be phenomena in the building such as weird accidents happening, people feeling ill, depressed or negative when in the building, fires starting randomly, things moving in the building randomly, and so on. Weird electronics malfunctions are quite common.

Or there may be no discernible phenomena but just a feeling of malaise or unease in the area. Sometimes the effects are very subtle, such as people feeling ill when they go into the area.

Houses that are on the market and are not selling, or stores where the sales are sluggish or have fallen off suddenly, are likely under some form of demonic influence.

Sadly, it is common for school grounds, parks, and other areas where people congregate to be infested with demonic energy.

It is very common for demons to infest an object. When this occurs, the object becomes the vehicle and the demon travels with the object wherever it goes. The object can be anything, but surprisingly it is often a religious object such as a crucifix.

Finding objects which are infested is very tricky. An infested object may look like the area is affected (e.g. the building or room) when really it is an object in the room which is causing the affect. In these cases doing a clearing on the room will not solve the problem!

An infested object may cause phenomena or various effects either in the room, building or area where the object is located OR with the person or people around the object. Someone wearing an infested object may act possessed for example, or people around the object may get extremely depressed.

Demons can possess animals in the same way as they can possess objects or people!

Of course, we are most familiar with possession of people. Movies like The Exorcist have sensationalized this process and indeed it is extremely traumatic both for the victim and for their families when such events occur.

When a person is possessed frequently they know something is wrong. But sometimes they are not able to take action to get healing.

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