R.I.P.s CODE OF CONDUCT

1.   Sensible & appropriate black clothing must be worn accordingly at all times.

2.   Members are responsible for their safety and must carry a light at all times.

3.   Members MUST abide by the guidelines given by a team leader during events.

4.   We have a ZERO tolerance Policy -Offensive behavior or language will NOT
      be tolerated and you will be dismissed from the group.

5.   Naked lights or flames are NOT to be used at anytime unless instructed otherwise.

6.   Members are NOT to wander alone at anytime.

7.   Mobile phones MUST be switched off at all times during an investigation.

8.   All members MUST inform us of any medical conditions that may affect any event.

9.   Members should bring I.D of themselves to ALL investigations

10. Members should inform relatives of their where about prior to undertaking any Group event.
     These guidelines are in force purely to help you receive the maximum safety & enjoyment
     from all our events, each MUST be adhered to.

11.  All members must conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times when representing ( R.I.P.)

12.  Any member caught stealing will immediately be dismissed from the group

13.  Running and/or horse play on any investigation is forbidden.

14.  Intentional submission of false or fabricated evidence will be grounds for immediate dismissal

15.  CONFIDENTIALITY is very important. All names, locations, and other vital information is to be kept
      confidential unless specifically discussed otherwise. Breaking this policy will result in immediate
      and permanent termination as a member of (R.I.P.)

16.  No member shall perform any investigation using the name Research Investigators of Paranormal
      without the approval of (R.I.P.) founders and at least one team leader present. (We cannot prevent members
      from conducting their own investigations, however, in order to make this group work, we need to work as a team).

17.  A written "permission to investigate" form will be held by one of the team leaders.

18.  RESPECT: All members are to respect everyone in the group. We may not always agree or see eye-to-eye,
      but respect is necessary. (R.I.P.) members are expected to respect the property of others.  VANDALISM, LITTERING, etc.
      will NOT be tolerated by (R.I.P.). Any destruction of property by ANYONE will be reported by (R.I.P.) team leaders to the
      proper authorities.

19. NEVER INVESTIGATE ALONE: Because of safety, if the team is split into groups it will be at least groups of two and never anyone by themselves.

20. CEMETERIES: Remember, people have buried their loved ones here! Just because we may not know anyone buried in a cemetery does not mean
      that we should treat it with any less respect than if we did have loved one there.

21.  NO SMOKING: during an investigation. A smoking area will be designated prior to the start of the investigation in which smokers will be allowed to take
      "smoke breaks". Cigarette butts should be properly disposed of and not discarded on the ground.

22.  NO ALCOHOL or ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE: No one will ever be allowed on an investigation under the influence of alcohol or an illegal substance.

23.  All evidence collected in an investigation WILL be shared with the team leaders for analysis. It will become the property of (R.I.P).
      This is to prevent our members from sharing their evidence with other online groups in which they are also members.

24.  ALL issues or disagreements need to be discussed with a (R.I.P.)  team leader, and the team leader will work out the problem.
      Please, if you have a problem with someone on the team or the way that they are conducting themselves, do not address it yourself.
      A team leader will resolve the issue.

25 .(R.I.P.) from time to time, may work with other paranormal groups during an investigation. ALL members of (R.I.P.) will respect other groups
     that we work with. They have rules that they go by, and prior to any investigation with another team, (R.I.P.) will review their rules and abide
      by them as well as our own.Any issue that arises in dealing with another team MUST be brought to a (R.I.P.) team leader and that team
      leader will discuss the issue with a team leader of the group we are working with.                               


27.   Violations of any rules listed above will result in immediate termination of membership, access to equipment, and any association with (R.I.P.)

28.   A protection prayer will be said at the beginning and end of all investigations. If you have any objections to this, get with the founder and
       or other members who have experience and find out what happens if you don't say a protection prayer.

29.   You agree to hold no member of (R.I.P.)  liable for damages to your person, or your property.

30.   Each individual will be responsible for their own equipment even if it is loaned out to someone else on site.

31.   Do NOT bring friends, family members with you on an investigation.

32.   Ouija boards will never be used.

33.   Show Up On Time!

34.  (R.I.P.) founders reserve the right to add, delete, and edit rules of conduct as they see fit.

35. Any member missing three meetings will be dismissed from the group.

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